Legit Music Promotion Services for Artists to Boost Exposure

As a musician, getting your music heard by a wider audience can be a challenge. That’s where music promotion comes in. But, there are so many scammers out there on social media that are full of empty promises. To avoid making any mistakes, I created this article to summarize the most authentic and established services available.

  1. Playlist Push
  2. RepostExchange
  3. SubmitHub
  4. Omari MC
  5. ToneDen

ServiceSocial Media PromotionStreaming (Playlist) PromotionBlog PromotionOffer Analytics
Playlist Pushxx
Omari MCxxxx
Tone Denx

More Details


  • Feature music on Spotify
  • Curators screened for quality


  • Cost can add up quickly
  • Playlists may not be well received

Playlist Push is a popular music promotion service that connects artists with curators who can feature their music on Spotify playlists. They has a large network of curators who are constantly on the lookout for new music to feature.

While Playlist Push can be an effective way to get music featured on Spotify playlists, there’s no guarantee of success, and the cost can add up quickly, especially for artists on a tight budget. Additionally, while the curators are screened for quality, there is no guarantee that their playlists will be well-received by audiences.


Pricing starts at $1 per submission, with a minimum submission of $30


  • Soundcloud reposts


  • Quality of Reposts
  • Free plan limitations

RepostExchange makes it easy for artists to exchange reposts with each other on SoundCloud. This service has a large community of artists who are all looking to promote their music, so it’s a great way to get your music heard by a wider audience.

One potential downside of RepostExchange is that the quality of reposts can vary, with some artists simply reposting others’ music to get more reposts in return. This can result in a lower quality of engagement and may not lead to the desired outcomes. Also, the free plan limits the number of reposts an artist can receive, which can be a downside for those looking to gain exposure quickly.


Free Plan: Up to 30 reposts per month

Paid Plans: Start at $8.99 per month for up to 150 reposts


  • Submit to blogs and playlists
  • Target specific sources


  • Subpar curators
  • Issues with feedback

SubmitHub allows artists to submit their music to a variety of blogs, playlists, and curators. This service is great for artists who are looking to get their music featured on specific types of publications. They offer a wide range of curators to submit to, and the service also offers detailed feedback on each submission.

While SubmitHub offers an expansive network, not all curators may match an artist’s genre or style. This sometimes leads to the feedback provided not always being constructive or providing actionable advice.


$1 per submission

Monthly Subscription: $10 per month (100 submission credits)


  • Total package
  • Expansive network


  • COST
  • Music taste is a big factor

Omari MC is all-inclusive that offers a range of services, including playlist placements, blog placements, and social media promotion. The service has a large network of curators and bloggers who can feature your music on their platforms.

One potential downside of Omari MC is the cost, as their services can be more expensive than other options on this list. Another is that the success of the service may depend on the quality of the music, and not all music may be a good fit for the services offered.


Playlist Placements: $50

Blog Placements: $100


  • Social media ad campaigns
  • Target specific audiences


  • Unstable success
  • Cost adds up quick

ToneDen is a music marketing platform that allows artists to create ad campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This service is great for artists who are looking to promote their music to a wider audience outside of streaming platforms. ToneDen offers a range of targeting options, so artists can reach the right audience with their ad campaigns.

One potential downside of ToneDen is that the success of social media ad campaigns can be unpredictable, and the cost can add up quickly, especially for artists on a tight budget. While the targeting options are robust, there is no guarantee that the desired audience will engage with the ad campaign.


$5 per day for social media ad campaigns

Final Note

It’s important to say that even though there are some potential cons to be aware of, each service can still be effective in helping an artist promote their music. It’s up to each artist to carefully consider their goals, budget, and the potential benefits and drawbacks of each service before choosing the best option for their needs.

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